NutraStart Blue Vanilla – Dr. Brent Vaughan Endorsement Video

“Exploring the Wonders of NutraStart Blue Vanilla”

Hello I’m Dr Bren Vaughn senior vice president of research and development let’s talk about a few of the many things that make new Nutrastart blue vanilla so great.

“Unlock Optimal Nutrition with Nutrastart Blue Vanilla”

Nutrastart blue vanilla contains a combination of gold standard nutritionally complete whey protein which includes all nine essential amino acids and a plant-based protein from the superfood Chia

  • Formulated with a unique blend of whey and plant-based proteins for superior nutrition
  • Includes all nine essential amino acids for enhanced muscle growth
  • Contains natural ingredients like chia, blueberry extract, and vanilla flavorings for a delicious taste
  • Each serving provides 20 grams of protein to support muscle growth and maintenance
  • Low in sugar and fat, and free of artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners

Power-Packed Plant Protein: Chia Seeds, Apples, Oats, Tapioca, and Corn for Optimal Nutrition

Not only do you get a high quality protein from chia seeds but you also get additional nutrients from this power packed plant nutrastart also contains quality fiber from apples and oats tapioca and corn ingredients provide resistant starches to help support a healthy microbial

  • Chia seeds provide high quality protein and additional nutrients
  • Nutrastart contains quality fiber from apples, oats, tapioca, and corn
  • Ingredients provide resistant starches to support healthy microbial

“Packed with Superfoods: Supporting Intestinal Health with Neutral Start Blue Vanilla Shake”

That’s right this ingredient is blue and the inspiration for the product name blue spirulina is an ancient superfood and a nutritionally dense algae with iron calcium and more the blue color in this shake is your clue for the nutritional bomb you’re about to consume

  • Blue Spirulina is an ancient superfood and nutrient-dense algae
  • Contains iron, calcium, and other nutrients
  • Blue color in the shake is a clue to its nutritional content
  • Consuming it provides a “nutritional bomb”

Wheat grass and hibiscus are additional nutrient dense ingredients that work together with blue spirulina to make this shake a Superfood drink

Nutrastart blue vanilla also contains immune peptides from whey these small proteins are exclusive to for life they were originally studied for their weight management benefits When combined with diet and exercise

“Double Benefits for Weight Loss and Immune System Support”

However our internal testing identified potent immune system support properties therefore this unique and proprietary ingredient provides a double benefit by helping you maintain a healthy weight when combined with diet and exercise and providing synergistic immune system support plus you also get our exclusive 4life transfer factor blend to educate your immune system

As the immune system company we know how important it is for you to feel your best so you can stick with your weight management program and achieve your goals well there you have it blue has never been cooler yet true blue nutrition on the go with delicious nutritious Nutrastart blue vanilla only from 4Life

Start your weight management journey with True Blue Nutrition on the Go! Get delicious and nutritious Nutrastart Blue Vanilla only from 4Life. Strengthen your immune system and feel your best with this cool and refreshing drink!

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