NutraStart Blue Vanilla – Product Launch Video

[Music] it's time to start moving start a new adventure start practicing your passion start with confidence start with Nutra start blue vanilla the perfect way to start your day or as an on-the-go snack Nutra start blue vanilla is mindfully formulated to achieve your daily nutrition goals just one serving of this delicious vanilla flavored Shake is loaded with key macro and micronutrients like 15 grams of Whey Protein healthy fats nutrient dense superfoods like oats Chia wheatgrass and blue spirulina an ancient superfood that gives Nutra start its sky blue hue plus essential vitamins and minerals like zinc vitamins a C D and B it's also powered by four life transfer factor and other hydrolyzed immune peptides for a boost to your immune system pair with right start men or women for a complete source of all your daily Essentials so you feel ready to dance through your day for Life Nutra start blue vanilla great nutrition starts today

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